Act III - Acting, Dance, & Performing Arts Studio


Preschool and Tiny Tots Program

Our preschool and tiny tots programs are unique. Our theory is that these youngsters can learn basic dance steps and have fun at the same time.


As the basis for all forms of dance, ballet gives students grace, poise and body control.


A fun form of dance which allows students to make rhythmic sounds with their feet while using arm and head movements to accent the sounds.


A progressive system of exercise and stretches for physical toning and strengthening the body. It is also a type of dance that reflects a sense of style and movement to current day music.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles of today, evolving from street style dance techniques. Utilizing today’s most popular music you will learn the latest moves, as seen on MTV.

Ballroom & Salsa

Today’s dances performed every day in the various “hot spots” around the country.


Class begins with a fun warm up, followed by training in the basics of Belly/Bollywood Indian dance moves, leading up to short choreographies. No dance experience required. You can also attend this class for a high energy workout.

Company Classes (Musical Theatre)

These are acting classes that are geared toward performance. In addition to the required dance technique class, these students will be learning the vocals, lines and choreography necessary to put on a full stage performance at semester’s end. There are some mandatory requirements for the company classes including but not limited to a one hour dance technique class, costume fee, extra rehearsals during the last month before a scheduled performance and additional performances at other venues. The company classes are offered in semesters, not on a yearly basis as the dance classes are. This semester’s Kids Kompany performance will be “Mulan, Jr.”. The Junior & Teen Companies performance will be “Gypsy”.

Private Lessons

Private lessons for recitals and special performances are by special arrangement with the school and its instructors.


All classes are taught on a Graded System. Each child advances at his or her own pace. Promotion is judged strictly by each child’s ability to perform in class. All dance classes run from August through the recital in June. We suggest that each child take two hours of class per week. This promotes interest in learning and enables the child to retain what is taught in each class.



Costumes will be ordered in January. They must be paid for in full by the last class in December. Costumes must be ordered and paid for by this date in order for the costumes to arrive in time to have your picture in the recital book. NO REFUNDS will be given on costumes for any reason. Pictures for the recital book will be taken in April.


Each child completing three years or more of training with our dance program will be presented with a special award at recital time.

Dress Codes

Ages 2 – 6 years – pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet skirt, pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes.

Tap Ages 7-12 years –pink or black leotard, pink or suntan tights and black tap shoes.

Jazz Ages 7-12 years – black leotard or plain black t-shirt tucked in, black jazz pants and tan jazz booties.

Ballet Ages 7-10 years – pink leotard, pink or suntan tights and pink ballet slippers.

Tap Teen/Pre-Teen – black leotard, suntan tights and black tap shoes (no jazz pants for tap classes)

Jazz Teen/Pre-Teen – black leotard or plain black t-shirt tucked in, jazz pants and tan jazz booties.

Ballet Teen/Pre-Teen – black leotard, suntan tights and pink ballet slippers (no jazz pants for ballet)

Company Technique Class – black leotard or plain black t-shirt tucked in, jazz pants and black jazz sneakers

  *Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or up for tap and jazz and be worn up for ballet.

**ALL Leotards are to be short sleeves.

Hip Hop – Comfortable, loose-fitting attire and sneakers. NO short shorts or midriff tops – bare midriff will

NOT be allowed. Jazz sneakers or regular sneaker with WHITE SOLES only – NO BLACK SOLES!!!!

Rules of Dress and Conduct

Student’s hair should be tightly secured and out of their face. Please label all dance clothes and shoes with student’s name. NO gum chewing is allowed in class. Students are not allowed to wear long T-shirts or other “fad” styles to class. Students should bring a water bottle (clearly labeled with name) to class. Bottled water is on sale for $1.00 per bottle if you prefer. NO FOOD or DRINK will be allowed in the studio except for water. Students should show respect to their peers.

Parent and Visitor Observation

In order for students to have complete concentration, we do not allow visitors in our classes. Parents and visitors may view class during the week before Winter Break. Exact dates will be announced.


For Safety Reasons, students must wait inside the building for pick up. Parents please walk your child into class and come inside for pick up. Pick-up and drop-off is at the back entrance. Please do not park in the front parking lot.

Days Missed

Missed classes will not be deducted from tuition payments. It is important for continuity that students attend all classes. After April 1st, anyone missing two classes may not be in the recital. This is to benefit all the other students in the class, so that they will not have to repeat what they have already learned.

Tuition Payments for Dance Classes

NO annual registration fee is required. All fees are for the entire year and may be paid in 4 monthly payments from August through November. The first payment is required at the time of registration. The balance of payments are due by the first of September, October and November. A late fee is due after the 1st of each month. Late Fee is $10.00. Tuition may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card. There will be a $35 charge for any returned checks. All fees are non-refundable. All classes must be paid in full by November 1st.

Tuition Fees for Dance Classes:


1 PER WEEK $130 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $ 520.00 ($ 52/mo.)

2 PER WEEK $230 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $ 920.00 ( $92/mo.)

3 PER WEEK $300 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $1200.00 ($120/mo.)

4 PER WEEK $365 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $1460.00 ($146/mo.)

5 PER WEEK $425 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $1700.00 ($170/mo.)

6 PER WEEK $475 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $1900.00 ($190/mo.)

7 PER WEEK $510 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $2040.00 ($204/mo.)

1 ½ HOUR CLASSES $182.50 PER MO. X 4 MOS. $ 730.00 ($ 73/mo.)

First month is paid at the time of registration. The remainder of fees are due by the first of September, October & November. All fees must be paid by November 1st. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - $50 DISCOUNT IF REGISTERED WITH 1ST MONTH’S PAYMENT BY AUGUST 1ST. NO EXCEPTIONS. DISCOUNT IS DEDUCTED FROM LAST PAYMENT.

*ACT III will provide a safe and fun family environment for your student. Any concerns from parents or students should be directed to the owner.

**Class days and times may be changed at the discretion of ACT III.