Act III - Acting, Dance, & Performing Arts Studio

Adult Classes

Acting Professionals or adult beginners with a serious focus can get a "leg-up" on their career objectives as a member of the professional series. These classes are are geared for adults who are seriously motivated. The classes follow a sequence of skills focusing on:
  • Voice Over
  • Creating Headshot & Resume
  • Audition
  • Casting & the Casting Agent
  • Your Image & You
  • Dance/Voice for the Actor
  • Monologue Development
  • Taking Your Scene Work to the Next Level
  • Get A New Attitude!
Learn to nail the auditiion while you get your acting technique up to speed in this specially designed class for actors. The Professional Series welcomes actors who need brushup and intensive work on monologue, scene work and cold readings. Classes are held on Tuesdays from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm. Fee for all 12 sessions is $500. Call Now to Reserve A Space 407 355-3090


This seminar completes an individual assessment for each student on vocal range and stamina. Each actor participates in voice over audition using actual scripted material for commercials. Hosting and MC techniques are introduced so that each actor can prepare his/her talent for appropriate audition activities. This seminar is conducted with start-of-the-art recording equipment and provides a student with final CD upon completion.


Putting your best foot forward in a professional way for an agent and audition is the focus of this seminar that makes you look good on paper and helps build confidence. This seminar also gives you tips on what to look for from a photographer, how to select the best headshot for YOU and how to keep your resume updated using tips from the trade.


If you are looking for ways to take you audition technique to the next level, this is the seminar for you. Brush up on improv, cold-readings, and prepared monologues expected by most agents. If you feel you are not nailing the audition, get instant feedback in a professional environment.


Learn what you need to know about the “other side” of the casting process. Discover what agents are really looking for, how to hone your craft and avoid surprises in the casting, Know who to trust and what expectation are appropriate by the agent. Get the agent to work for you and get the jobs that will make you money.


With special tips by professional model and instructor Missy Midden, you will learn how to market yourself for the "look" that sells you for the camera and print work. Increase the value of you work by having the image that casting agents are on the search for. These easy to do steps can make all the difference in nailing the job!


Finding the "you" in your monologue enables the actor to search deeper for the character expressed by the author. Bridging the space between character and self reveals the essence of role you are trying to portray. By using monologues selected especially for you, this seminar will focus on twelve steps to developing a more effective approach to character development.


Every actor needs to feel at ease onstage or in front of the camera no matter what a casting director requests. This seminar will enable every actor to say "yes" to the inevitable questions, "Do you sing, do you dance?" Dress comfortably and prepare for a action packed seminar.


Learning how to handle a stage partner in a new scene or discovering the moment with a new partner takes focus and concentration which are the highlights of this special seminar about you and your craft. This seminar helps the actor to dig deeper and find the naturalness in himself that is necessary for honesty in front of the camera. There are some real revelations in store for this seminar with actors ready to take it up a notch!

Join the actors who are ready to raise the bar on a professional career!