Act III - Acting, Dance, & Performing Arts Studio


Commercials for Kids (7-10 yrs.) and
On Camera Commercial Audition Technique
(11-15 yrs.) for beginners

These courses incorporate the various techniques used during an audition—marks, slating, technical tips, storyboards, visualization, less is more, the job—what to expect, continuity, print work, voiceovers, and more. Classes will be taught with video on-camera technique as well as live work, using monologues, scenes, cold readings etc. All classes taught at age appropriate levels.

Television & Film Acting for Kids (7-10 yrs.) for beginners

Learn all the basics to get started in the “wonderful world of acting”. Students will learn how to be comfortable standing up in front of a group. Watch their self-esteem improve weekly. Stage directions, stage voices and stage movements are only a few of the techniques to be acquired in this session.

Intermediate/Advanced Audition Technique and Acting Level II

These courses are for those students who have already completed the basic acting and auditioning technique courses. Are you ready to “kick it up a notch”? Then this is the class for you.

Adult Television & Film Acting, Monologue & Scene Study Classes

Television and film acting, scene work, on camera audition techniques and improv studies taught at beginner through advanced levels. Students will be given monologues and scenes to prepare.

Adult Professional Series

A series of 12 seminars for actors ready to take their craft to the next level. Topics will include: Voice Over Work; Creating Headshot/Resume; The Audition Process; Casting and the Casting Agent; Your Image and You; Dance; Voice Workshop; Monologue Development; Taking Your Scene Work to the Next Level and many more exciting topics.

Private & Group Piano and Voice Lessons

Private & group instruction in piano and private voice will be offered in one half hour and one hour increments. Voice master class – 1 ½ hours. Classes will include warm-up techniques, breathing techniques for vocals and more. Select and work on appropriate pieces for your age, range and style. Prepare for performances with dynamic pieces enhanced with supporting choreography as needed.

Company Classes (Musical Theatre)

These acting classes are geared toward performance. Students will be learning the vocals, lines and choreography necessary to put on a full stage performance at semester’s end. There are some mandatory requirements for the company classes including but not limited to a one hour dance technique class (for Junior and Teen companies), costume fee, extra rehearsals during the last month before a scheduled performance and additional performances at other venues. (Kids Kompany will not need to participate in the dance technique class.) This semester’s Kids Kompany presentation will be “Mulan, Jr.”. The Junior & Teen Companies will be performing “Gypsy”.

Private Acting Lessons

Private lessons available on request.

Dress Codes and Rules of Conduct

  • Students should wear comfortable clothing to class. Clothing should not be loose fitting, such as baggy T-shirts. Please wear lace or buckle shoes. For your child’s safety, NO flip flops or sandals will be allowed in class. Please do not wear skirts to class, as some activities involve sitting on the floor, moving, bending, etc. No “bare middles”. Students are not allowed to wear long T-shirts or other “fad” styles to class.
  • Please label all shoes with student’s name. NO gum chewing is allowed in class. Students should bring a water bottle (clearly labeled with name) to class. Cold bottled will be available for $1.00 per bottle if you prefer. NO FOOD or DRINK will be allowed in the studio except for water.
  • Company Students: Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or up. Black leotards, jazz pants and tan jazz shoes or black jazz sneakers should be worn to every acting and dance class.
Parent and Visitor Observation

In order for students to have complete concentration, we do not allow visitors in our classes. All classes (except the Company Classes) will present a showcase at the end of the semester for parents and friends to attend.


For Safety Reasons, students must wait inside the building for pick up. Parents please walk your child into class and come inside for pick up. Please do not park in any spots that are marked for the businesses in the building as they might have your car towed.

Days Missed

Missed classes will not be deducted from tuition payments. It is important for continuity that students attend all classes.

**Company Classes please note:

After November 1st for the Fall Semester and April 1st for the Winter Semester, anyone missing two classes may be removed from the performance. This is to benefit all the other students in the class. It is very difficult to do final staging and clean-up of a performance with different students missing each week. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. There will be several extra rehearsals during the last two months of each semester. These are mandatory rehearsals.


Tuition Payments

NO registration fee is required. $50 deposit is due at time of registration. Payments of $100 are due the first week of class and each week following until entire fee is paid in full. All fees are non-refundable. A late fee is due for payments not received on time. Late fee is $10.00. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order or credit card. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks. All fees must be paid by October 1st for the Fall Semester and March 1st for the Winter Semester. There will be a 10% discount given for additional classes or additional family members taking acting classes. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - $50.00 DISCOUNT IF YOU REGISTER WITH YOUR DEPOSIT BY AUGUST 1ST for the Fall Semester and DECEMBER 15th for the Winter Semester. NO EXCEPTIONS. DISCOUNT IS DEDUCTED FROM FINAL PAYMENT.

*ACT III will provide a safe and fun family environment for your student. Any concerns from parents or students should be directed to one of the owners.

**Class days and times may be changed at discretion of ACT III.